Quality Kitchen Furniture Carcass Construction

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Here at Kreations Kitchens, we really do know how to construct high quality, durable kitchen cabinets. This is the unseen hallmark of a good quality handmade kitchen, and is the element which ensures durability from daily wear and tear. Additionally our carcasses are made to bespoke sizes, including widths and depths giving you flexibility both in storage and unit configuration. Our kitchen furniture not only is built to last but it is also built to fit perfectly in the space available in your home.

Unlimited Choice to Suit a Wide Range of Tastes – and BUDGETS.

We provide you with unlimited choice when it comes to creating the design. You might have a particular look, period or style which you would like our designers to take inspiration from. We can consult with you to produce something eclectic which works uniquely to your taste. There are no restrictions on colour schemes, shapes or sizes either. As for configuration options for the kitchen units we offer so much choice, as can be seen at our showroom. With Kreations Kitchens anything is possible.

Kreations Kitchens offers you something special, very affordable and without compromising quality.
Most of all though, we offer you exactly what you want for much less than you might think.

One company offers you the chance to be truly and completely satisfied with the purchase of your kitchen. Kreations Kitchens are the only company to design and manufacture handmade bespoke kitchens in any style you happen to like, and in the exact cabinet size you might need to suit the property you live in, for an affordable price. Try Kreations for anything from a formal traditional kitchen, country kitchen through to a high gloss modern kitchen. Letting you specify every element of the resulting kitchen, from its layout to its storage systems and intelligent appliances. Bring us your plans, references and ideas and we will turn them into reality, or simply book an appointment with our designers to inspire you with practical ideas

FREE Bespoke Kitchen Design Consultations

Our highly talented designers welcome any challenge, confident in their ability to create your dream kitchen! Our designers are not restricted by standard width, heights or depths but instead they will concentrate on meeting your requirements. You will find our commitment to giving you a practical and attractive space solution very useful, adding immeasurable value for your budget

Full Project Management and Installation

To ensure that your Kreations kitchen is a delight and to your satisfaction – we have a dedicated installation team. You will be visited by a member of the team before delivery to ensure that the process of delivery and installation is as smooth as possible. Our customer services department will keep you informed and co-ordinate with any other workman involved in the process such as tilers. Choosing Kreations means that you can relax and enjoy the process throughout.

Choose us for Bespoke Furniture Beyond the Kitchen

Here at Kreations kitchens we are able to incorporate bespoke furniture fitted or free standing into other areas of your home. Many customers choose to define their furniture for bedroom, bathroom home study and cinema or media rooms, during their kitchen design process. This enables them to coordinate the look of furniture in areas which they might want to carry a style through the home, and also to obtain a discount on their kitchen furniture


Take our Bespoke Cabinetry Design Beyond your Kitchen for a Complete Enhancement to Home Living

Our ability to incorporate any design features or useful spaces into your furniture is valued by customers, and makes the most of their home improvement project. You can enjoy this flexibility and open up all sorts of options when it comes to visually connect spaces in your home with stylistic elements or design features, as one moves through your home into other rooms beyond the kitchen

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

We can design furniture for your master and additional bedrooms which coordinate with each other or assume individual identities. We can utilise features from your kitchen furniture and incorporate these into the bedroom furniture designs. Alternatively we can produce furniture in any style you wish. As with the design of our kitchens, we can incorporate many useful features. For example concealed retractable shelves built into bedside cabinets. Rounded corner doors, dressers, with concealed wash basket store. Retractable tie racks integrated within wardrobe furniture. There is nothing we can't do to make your bedroom more comfortable and practical in its use of space.

Bespoke Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Similarly to our bedroom furniture capability, we can produce bathroom cabinets with incredible flexibility when it comes to style, and also storage design options and dimensional flexibility. This is particularly useful in homes where the property is a period property and bathrooms have unusual dimensions. We can design and produce the perfect furniture for such a space. Designed to your taste incorporating considerate features such as a silent door cabinet, perfect for en-suites, making for undisturbed sleep when your other half needs to use the bathroom in early hours, or set off early for a journey

Bespoke Home Study Furniture, and Libraries

This space in the home is often a work place for some if not much of its time. You will no doubt want it to have the comfortable feeling of your home but with all the storage space necessary for your work or study time. Total flexibility once again is the benefit you have when you choose us for such furniture needs. We can provide you with ideas and recommendations on how you could use the space, or be guided by your brief, of how you want the space to work for you. Our furniture can incorporate filing space, with integrated internal systems, drawers, storage cabinets, display cabinets, and integrated book cases. Wall units can be enclosed or exposed or conceal behind glazing. Sizing again is flexible, and style of cabinetry can be very traditional, simple and functional or modern and minimalist. Its entirely your choice